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automake and cl.exe

From: Ranjith TV
Subject: automake and cl.exe
Date: Tue, 29 May 2007 16:14:08 +0530


Can I override using AC_PROG_CXX(or any other compiler checking stuff)

Actually I am using automake in windows and I want to use
cl(microsoft's) as the compiler

I don't want to use like "AC_PROG_CXX(cl g++)" as it requires the path
to the compiler and the library to set, which I will be doing in the

my directory structure will be like below

   build (all files required to build the software, including
       linux32 ( for linux)
       win32 ( for windows, here I will be setting library
path and
                          whatever else required)
   src (all the source code)

Ranjith T V

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