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Re: make distcheck and the /etc dir

From: Jason Curl
Subject: Re: make distcheck and the /etc dir
Date: Mon, 04 Jun 2007 19:14:44 +0200
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Noah Slater wrote:
   # for installing configuration data
   etc_DATA = serlog.conf

This is seriously broken. What if my /etc directory is read-only, for example.

As I mentioned below, I could override this by using:
  make DESTDIR="/home/user/progs" install

The software itself has command line options to override where it gets its configuration. It uses '/etc/lx2005' as a last resort, where the default files go.

It would use what the user provides on the command line for a path, then '/usr/local/etc/' then '/etc' in that order.

This breaks any hope of getting a VPATH build.

When I run 'make distcheck' it fails as it cannot install the files to

Indeed, because distcheck makes sure the build uses VPATH.

As I found out.

I would very much like the location of the configuration
files to be independent of $(prefix) as the locations my project
searches are independent of where it was installed.

This is a Bad Thing IMO. You should alter your program to look in
multiple places for it's configuration. If you are certain that the
configuration file should live here despite the wishes of the
installer your program should by default it will check for
'/etc/lx2005' and failing back to '$(prefix)/lx2005' - though this is
still broken.

How can I get 'make distcheck' to work with this configuration?

You cannot.

Alternatively, I'm open for other ideas of implementation.

Why is it so important for configuration files to live at /etc?

A consistent place to look for default settings, machine settings are overrided by putting something in '/usr/local/etc' and user settings are overrided by the command line.

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