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From: Eric Polino
Subject: --add-missing
Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2007 00:00:44 -0400

I am working on building a standalone version of libgnt.  Currently
the code for libgnt resides in the Pidgin repository.  So as it stands
we have two files.  One in the toplevel of the source that
has been there for a long time and recently we've added one in the
libgnt folder to allow libgnt to be build standalone.  We are
essentially trying to make the libgnt folder extractable to be its own
package so that distros can install it by itself without installing

Some more info on the directories:

toplevel/ (calls 'automake --add-missing --copy')
finch/libgnt/ (calls 'automake --add-missing --copy')

Here lies the problem.  If I run toplevel/ it creates
finch/libgnt/, as it always has and should.  Within there
it generates a variable called DIST_COMMON which doesn't reference the
automake scripts such as 'install-sh'.  If I then run
finch/libgnt/ it will regenerate f/l/ to where
DIST_COMMON now contains 'install-sh' but it references the one in
toplevel/ instead of one located in libgnt/.

DIST_COMMON="..... ../../install-sh ...."

On the other hand if I run finch/libgnt/ first, it generates with DIST_COMMON having 'install-sh' located in libgnt/

DIST_COMMON="...... ...."

The latter behavior is what I want to get.  Is there a way I can get
the latter outcome by doing the former procedure while still
preserving the latter procedure/outcome pair?

I understand that this question would/might require looking at how we
have this setup in our source tree.  We currently don't have a tarball
of it up as this feature hasn't come out in a release yet.  Though if
need be, you can find a tarball at



"...indexable arrays, which may be thought of as functions whose
domains are isomorphic to contiguous subsets of the integers."
--Haskell 98 Library Report

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