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Re: Problem with subdirectory

From: Jason Curl
Subject: Re: Problem with subdirectory
Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2007 00:07:18 +0200
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wingri wrote:

I`ve got project and source codes are in direcory. Then, there are some
other source codes in subdirectory of this directory. Now, from file in
directory I want to call function from file in subdirectory.

Project is quite big, there are Makefiles for whole project, for my
directory and for subdirectory.
In I`ve got: SUBDIRS = subdir_name and includedir = subdir_name

But I`m getting error: undefined reference to ...

Everything runs ok in cmake, but I have to run automake as well.

Have you got any suggestions how to do this?
Thanks in advance.

You'll have to be much more concise about your problem. Be specific about what you are doing, and what you're seeing. Even better, because you mention it's quite a large project, try something that is much smaller - start from only two directories say. Then it makes it much easier to read and interpret the Automake & Autoconf manuals.

The Automake manual makes it reasonably clear how it works. If you don't understand something in the manual, and you've tried to start off with a small example, then show us what problems you're having. Many people are glad to help when there's something that they can work with.


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