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Re: multi-line AC_SUBSTs as targets in

From: William Pursell
Subject: Re: multi-line AC_SUBSTs as targets in
Date: Mon, 08 Oct 2007 11:11:59 +0100
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Andreas Schwab wrote:
William Pursell <address@hidden> writes:

I'd like to get away from AC_SUBST_FILE, but I don't see a way
around the manner in which automake is building the Makefile.
Is there a way to construct a generic target via AC_SUBST?

How about using AM_CONDITIONAL instead?

How so?  What I'm hoping to do is to have a set of generic targets
so that I can have a template that simply includes
the line @MY_TARGETS@

I currently have it working with AC_SUBST_FILE, but I'm copying the
template target files into each of my project directory trees.
I would rather install my macros in /usr/share/aclocal, but I
notice that none of the packages I have ever seen invoke
AC_SUBST_FILE, and I suspect the reason is that there's no
good place to put the target file.

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