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Re: new module: xprintf

From: Eric Blake
Subject: Re: new module: xprintf
Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2007 06:44:16 -0600
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According to Bruno Haible on 10/20/2007 10:31 AM:
>> is there a better way to just automatically update po/Makevars (possibly
>> by teaching po/Makevars how to include a second file)?
> Not so far. But what I could do in the next gettext release is to use the
> configure script as a collector for all the needed options: I could define
> a macro AM_XGETTEXT_OPTION([option]) that would augment an AC_SUBSTed
> variable which then gets used in po/Makefile, together with the
> XGETTEXT_OPTIONS from po/Makevars. How does that sound?

Almost sounds okay, except as proposed, you would be injecting another
macro into the Automake macro AM_* namespace.  Would you please consider
renaming your macro to something like GT_XGETTEXT_OPTION, so that automake
does not have to continually worry about names from its namespace being
consumed by external packages, and so that users trying to write bug
reports against the macro have a better chance of guessing which package
actually owns the macro?

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