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Generating 'cat' pages on make install

From: Jason Curl
Subject: Generating 'cat' pages on make install
Date: Sat, 03 Nov 2007 20:35:17 +0100
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Continuing with my efforts of making a library designed for Linux a bit usable for colleagues on Windows I'd like to figure out how to install "cat" pages, i.e. conversions of "man" pages.

I can write a script that will do the conversion for me, but I'd ideally like to have a rule that will convert the 'man' page for me to 'cat' in the correct directory when installing. Maybe I can then expand this to also generate html pages? I'd like to avoid having a single rule for every single "man/cat" page as it's for installing a library (and it's already listed, so why do I need it twice?), and hoping I could write (or use) an Automake/autoconf rule that does this for me.

Windows users don't have "man", but they do have text editors to open text files.

Thanks for any advice,

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