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Data files for unit-testing

From: Al Pacifico
Subject: Data files for unit-testing
Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2007 14:27:41 -0800

What is the best way to distribute data files for use with the check target?

I'm building a C library and using the check unit testing framework.
Several functions load data from XML files and are tested with make
check. These files need to be distributed, but not installed.

Directory structure is simple:
|-- autom4te.cache
|-- build-aux
|-- src
|-- tests

tests/ contains:
TESTS = check_suggest
check_PROGRAMS = check_suggest
check_suggest_SOURCES = check_suggest.c $(top_builddir)/src/suggest.h
check_suggest_CFLAGS = @CHECK_CFLAGS@
check_suggest_LDADD = @CHECK_LIBS@ $(top_builddir)/src/
check_DATA = sample.xml bogus.xml

When I make check, sample.xml and bogus.xml aren't created... what
should I do differently?
Al Pacifico
Seattle, WA

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