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Include dependencies for modules

From: Yvan Barthélemy
Subject: Include dependencies for modules
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2007 15:30:55 +0100


I am trying to organize my source folder the following way :
currently, I have the following :

In my c sources, I have my include like this (ie. in foo.c) :
#include <foo.h>
#include <modB/bar.h>

I would like to have the following source organization without
changing my include directives :

To achieve this, I tried to use pkginclude_HEADERS, it moves the files
and build the source root include directory correctly (using --prefix
in configure), but only at install time. How can I achieve the same
results but before build time ?

Otherwise, how to specify module dependencies (module X depends on module Y) ?

Thanks for help,

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