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Re: aclocal recursion error

From: Skip Montanaro
Subject: Re: aclocal recursion error
Date: Mon, 7 Jan 2008 21:41:27 +0000 (UTC)
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> > If that's old, you may want to update
> > it.  I know libtool.m4 at some point had a shaky construct in it, 1.9f
> > is pretty long ago, too.  Not sure what to tell you there, if you need
> > libtool > 1.5.x, then you may want to try a nightly snapshot from the
> > web page, otherwise 1.5.24.  Note if you install libtool locally, you
> > need to use both its libtoolize, as well as point aclocal with -I to the
> > installed location of the respective libtool.m4.
> Thanks.  I am kind of trying to stick with MacPorts provides.  I'll check
> to see if anything can be updated though.

Took another look at what's available in MacPorts.  I see two things
matching my search for libtool:

    libtool         devel/libtool       1.5.24   GNU Libtool ...
    libtool-devel   devel/libtool-devel 1.9f     The GNU Portable ...

Now I'm a little confused.  Seeing those version numbers over the
weekend I thought I would need 1.9f, it being a higher number than
1.5.  I will try switching back to the 1.5.24 version.  In your opinion
should the MacPorts folks even be advertising 1.9f in such a way that
would lead naive people like me to think that it was more recent than


Skip Montanaro

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