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ylwrap Problem with c++ parsers

From: Rüdiger Ranft
Subject: ylwrap Problem with c++ parsers
Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2008 08:05:57 +0100
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Hi *,

recently I got a problem with the ylwrap script because it removes
support files of bison when bison is used to generate a c++ parser. In
c++ Mode bison generates a location.hh, position.hh and stack.hh file,
which are wiped out by the original script. I noticed the comment about
a special care on the -d switch to bison in tho comments of the file,
but this does not apply to my environment because the request for bison
to generate a c++ parser is in the source file itself.
The attached patch solves this issue by moving all files from the
temporary diretory where bison is exectuted to the upper level
directory, so these files are saved. This is not the real cure of this
problem, since the generated .cpp file depends on, which this
patch will also put in to the directory.


Index: ylwrap
--- ylwrap      (revision 5182)
+++ ylwrap      (revision 5183)
@@ -153,6 +153,7 @@

+test "`echo *`" != \* && mv * ..
 # Remove the directory.
 cd ..
 rm -rf $dirname

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