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Re: Building automake1.9 with autoconf2.61

From: Kamaljit Singh
Subject: Re: Building automake1.9 with autoconf2.61
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2008 16:53:39 -0800 (PST)

You missed the point.

I am trying to write a "super" and create a sandbox that tries
to create automake and autoconf and m4. This just calls
AC_CONFIG_SUBDIRS() with the appropriate directories (automake,autoconf 
and m4).

What you told me is to script this rather than use AC_CONFIG_SUBDIRS().
Currently, I am using a script, but I think AC_CONFIG_SUBDIRS() is much more
powerful as I dont need to maintain any scripts anymore and I could just
write a and for most part its no or low maintenance.


Bob Proulx <address@hidden> wrote: Kamaljit Singh wrote:
> I was hoping to create a src tree which would build automake1.9 and

automake-1.9 has been replaced with automake-1.10.1.  You should use
the later version.

> autoconf2.61 and install them in a central place. Writing a
> for this is quite hard if not impossible. The automake
> expects and depends on that the directory where its untarred should
> be called automake-1.9, which makes writing the
> dependent on the version and would some unrequired maintenance of

You should not need to write your own  Use the package's
distributed ./configure scripts.  That is probably the root of your

> Moreover automake1.9 is dependent on autoconf2.58+ to be present in
> the path that I cant have them in the same sandbox at all !!! I need
> to install autoconf first and then try configuring automake. That
> doesnt seem right.
> Any suggestions, on whether/how this can be managed ?

First install the latest m4 because m4 is required for building the

Then after installing m4 install both autoconf and automake using
their included ./configure files.  This "works for me" and I think
should work for you too.


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