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Re: Conditional LDFLAGS not working

From: Sam Bromley
Subject: Re: Conditional LDFLAGS not working
Date: Wed, 05 Mar 2008 09:25:16 -0330
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Paul Smith wrote:
> On Tue, 2008-03-04 at 16:39 -0330, Sam Bromley wrote:
>> But in the generated Makefile, the line
>> libTclParseArgv_la_LDFLAGS += -L/usr/lib -ltclstub8.4
>> shows up at the *end*, after any other targets are
>> defined.
> And this is a problem because... why?  Does something actually not work?
Hi Paul,

Thank you for your reply.

Since the initial definition of libTclParseArgv_la_LDFLAGS
was showing up just before the link target, only that
earlier definition was being used during the linking stage.
Thus, I was not linking to tclstub8.4 at all; the additional
flags were never seen.

The root of the problem is a little embarrassing I'm afraid. :(
I had a rogue TAB before the line. Removing this caused
it to show up in the correct location (right after the
initial definition).

Please accept my apologies for wasting anyone's time.
Though if nothing else, perhaps this may serve to help
some beginners keep an eye out for tabs. :)


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