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defining multiple targets

From: steve_k
Subject: defining multiple targets
Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2008 06:20:25 -0700 (PDT)

Hi List-members,

This is maybe a sort of newbee question - but actually i'm doing my first
automake project - which is a library with some subdirs. Most of all worked
so far - but now i got stuck - Could somebody of you explain to me how to
define multiple targets in one ? I got it compiling
everything with SUBDIRS - but now it was requested that i should make the
testcases ( in tests/Testcase1 tests/TestcaseX ) a separate target.

I got so far that i defined  :

examples : $(TEST_SUBDIRS)

in the hope  that this would trigger automake to kickoff the building
process by using the Makefiles in each of the TestcaseX directories - sadly
automake does not know to use make recursivly in that case...

here is my
DX_CONFIG = doxygen.cfg

DISTCLEANFILES = Makefile aclocal.m4 config.h
config.log  config.guess config.sub
DISTCLEANFILES += depcomp config.status install-sh missing
DISTCLEANDIRS = autom4te.cache doc

DIST_SUBDIRS= src tests/GenEvATestCase1 tests/GenEvATestCase2
tests/GenEvATestCase3 tests/GenEvATestCase4
examples_SUBDIRS= tests/GenEvATestCase1 tests/GenEvATestCase2
tests/GenEvATestCase3 tests/GenEvATestCase4
SUBDIRS = src  tests/GenEvATestCase1 tests/GenEvATestCase2
tests/GenEvATestCase3 tests/GenEvATestCase4
INCLUDES = -I include  -I $(BOOST_CPPFLAGS) -I tests/GenEvATestCase1 -I
tests/GenEvATestCase2-I tests/GenEvATestCase3 tests/GenEvATestCase4
EXTRA_DIST = $(DX_CONFIG) doc/html include license m4/boost.m4
AM_LDFLAGS = -shared

examples:  -C $(examples_SUBDIRS)

include_HEADERS= include/GAsioTCPClient.h include/GBoostThreadGeneral.h
include/GException.h include/GMemberCarrier.h include/GTemplateBitValue.h
(more headers) ..

Any Idea ?

Many Thanks In advance +
Best Regards

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