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Re: Report to stdout like Linux kernel compilation does

From: Jeroen N. Witmond [Bahco]
Subject: Re: Report to stdout like Linux kernel compilation does
Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2008 16:55:20 +0200 (CEST)
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Some work on improving make output (pretty-printing) has been done for

See also this bugreport

You may want to ask about it on one of the mailing lists


> Stefan,
> I asked this very question a few years ago on this list.
> Interestingly, my examples came not from the Linux kernel build
> process, but from Windows builds, which use a similar output format. I
> love this format because warnings and errors are obvious, and yet you
> get enough output per file to tell you that something's going on. The
> real benefit of this output format is that WARNINGS are obvious.
> Often, in standard GNU/Unix/Linux build processes, warnings just zip
> right by without much notice.
> My question to the list was: How can I get Autotools builds to be
> quiet, so I can see the warnings? The response that I got was that I
> should just redirect stdout to /dev/null on the make command line.
> For the next couple of years, I very was frustrated with this
> response. I thought it was a cop-out for just not wanting to provide
> the functionality. Then I realized that it was really the Unix way.
> You want to see everything so that you know what's going on. When you
> want to clean up the warnings (usually something done near the end of
> a development cycle), you simply build with stdout redirected to
> /dev/null when you run make a few times, and you'll see the warnings
> appear, because they're output to STDERR, not STDOUT.
> Now -- that said, I really see nothing wrong with my original request,
> in the form of an Automake switch. It would be nice to be able to tell
> Automake to build Makefiles that generate this sort of output.
> Unfortunately, you and I aren't going to get much agreement, I think.
> Perhaps, if you were to write a patch to Autoconf, providing a macro
> or switch that generates such Makefiles... This also the GNU way. :)
> Regards,
> John
> On Fri, Apr 11, 2008 at 5:42 AM, Stefan Bienert
> <address@hidden> wrote:
>> Hi automakers,
>>  probably this is an oftne asked and therefore annoying question ... but
>> is
>> there a simple way to get automake to produce a similar output as the
>> Linux
>> kernel makefiles?
>>  Instead of this verbose confusing output like automake makefiles, the
>> kernels make produces something like
>>  [ compile object1 ]
>>  [ compile object2 ]
>>  ...
>>  [ building module ]
>>  and so on.
>>  For me it would be nice to have something like a switch in the
>> configure
>> script to enable/ disbale verbose/ minimalistic information. E.g. first
>> try
>> with min. info, run into an error, therefore rerun with extensive info,
>> search for the min. statemnt on which the error occured and voila!
>>  Like this:
>>  ./configure --disable-verbose
>>  make
>>  [ compile object1 ]
>>  [ compile object2 ]
>>  error on building object 2!
>>  ./configure
>>  make | grep
>>  [ compile object1 ]
>>  if gcc ... and so on
>>  [ compile object2 ]
>>  if gcc ... and so on
>>  error...
>>  I hope somebody can understand what I want to do.
>>  greetings,
>>  Stefan
>>  --
>>  Stefan Bienert
>>  Zentrum fuer Bioinformatik
>>  Universitaet Hamburg
>>  Bundesstrasse 43
>>  20146 Hamburg
>>  Germany
>>  Email: address@hidden
>>  Phone:  +49 (40) 42838 7345
>>  Fax:    +49 (40) 42838 7332

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