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Dynamic AC_OUPUT

From: Gary Kramlich
Subject: Dynamic AC_OUPUT
Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2008 20:08:38 -0500
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I'm rewriting the build system for project that is using autotools.  The
problem is right now there are over 50 makefiles output which is
creating a bit of a maintenance headache.  As such I've moved to a XML
config file that does the heavy lifting of dependency checking for each
moudule (the 50 makefiles).

This python script also determines what directories should have
makefiles created and so on.  I've gotten far enough to trick configure
into outputting all of the make files.  (This is done by appending the
directories to ac_config_files before AC_OUTPUT).

I was working on this in an already configured tree, and thought I had
it with the ac_config_files hack.  However, turns out automake when
being run from my autogen doesn't like this.  I realize it's just
reading in the contents of AC_OUTPUT, and tried to work around this by
specifying the directories to the initial call of automake.  However, it
drops out every time refusing to create depmod.

So after that long winded explanation, is there any way I can get this
to work during autogen?  I realize this is really abusing automake, but
I'd prefer to stay with automake, but this project just can't keep it's
build system the way it is.

If examples are needed, please let me know so I can provide them.


Gary Kramlich <address@hidden>

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