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Disable make distcheck --help and --version checks

From: Brendon Costa
Subject: Disable make distcheck --help and --version checks
Date: Wed, 07 May 2008 17:20:27 +1000
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The subject says it all. I have a "special" example project that i would like to ensure when i use the distcheck target it does NOT check that some or all of the installed applications provide --help or --version. How can i do this?

Some people are likely to want to argue that it is important for all installed apps to provide this and i would agree in other circumstances. However due to the way this example project is used i cant afford to make the applications noinst and most importantly i also can not permanently modify the source to respond to --help or --version. Is there something i can set in the to disable this particular check?

I can go into details as to why i cant do noinst or permanently implement --help or --version if what i request is not possible and i need to find another method of achieving this behavior.


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