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Re: Advice on the project structure for a library

From: Warren Young
Subject: Re: Advice on the project structure for a library
Date: Tue, 03 Jun 2008 03:23:15 -0600
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Jef Driesen wrote:

I noticed it is common practice to install the public headers to $includedir/libfoo

I don't think I've ever seen a 'lib' prefix on a header file directory. $includedir/foo is far more common.

It's also common for 'foo' to be a diminutive, lowercased version of the project's full name. For example, Gnome's GTK+ headers are typically installed in gtk/*.h. It would go against convention if they were instead installed in GTK+/*.h.

#include <libfoo/header.h>


#include <header.h>

I think the first one is preferable (but I might be wrong),

It's purely a matter of preference. You're right to segregate the headers, but a project shouldn't mandate one #include/-I style over another.

if I use the <libfoo/header.h> style include in my project, it fails to build anything, because the header files are not installed yet and thus can't be found.

This is why you don't want to bake such policy into the design of your library. Your examples can use #include <header.h>, with -I../src. Your users can use <foo/header.h> with no -I if foo is under a system include directory, or <header.h> with an explicit -I otherwise.

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