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Re: Mixing C and C++?

From: Ralf Wildenhues
Subject: Re: Mixing C and C++?
Date: Sat, 7 Jun 2008 03:38:17 +0200
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* Erik de Castro Lopo wrote on Sat, Jun 07, 2008 at 12:13:36AM CEST:
> Organization: Erik Conspiracy Secret Labs

LOL!  It's been several years since I last read about the Eric

> Olly Betts wrote:
> > You'd written "test_sources = ..." which has no special meaning to
> > automake.  You should have written "amtest_SOURCES = ...".  In the
> > absence of amtest_SOURCES, automake implicitly assumes "amtest_SOURCES =
> > amtest.c".
> Yes, thats what I'd done in the small test project I had created. I
> did not make the same mistake in the main project. That one remains
> a bit of a mystery.

Hmm, can you relate the main project to us?  Have you tried automake


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