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Extra_dist cannot hold two long lists?

From: A117
Subject: Extra_dist cannot hold two long lists?
Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2008 13:29:39 +0800

A line in,
EXTRA_DIST = tinystr.cpp tinyxml.cpp tinyxmlerror.cpp tinyxmlparser.cpp
dllmain.cpp ezcomm.aps ezcommon.rc ezcommon.vcproj icon.ico resource.h
stdafx.cpp stdafx.h #targetver.h test.xml tinyxml.txt

If I uncomment the latter part of the line, none of these files will be
added to .tar.gz. Even as such, stdafx.h is not distributed. Is there a line
length limit? How can I distribute all these files?

Here's the complete situation, I use automake under Linux and VC under
Windows. This is a dynamic library. Several .cpp's are needed while only one
s interface is to be exposed. Thus my configuration files are attached. I
probably have something wrong here since the LIBADD line disturbs me, which
causes I have to specify all the necessary .cpp in the EXTRA_DIST line.

thank you.

Description: unknown/unknown

Description: unknown/unknown

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