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Question about testing a library.

From: Schrader, Glenn
Subject: Question about testing a library.
Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2008 13:54:59 -0400

I am creating a library that is built with automake. The way that I
>think< this should work is:

Build the library with the command:       make
Check the build with the command:         make check
Install the library to the prefix:        make install
Check the installation with the command:  make installcheck

The problem I'm having is that the programs installcheck uses to test the 
library can only be build after the 'make install' but the Makefile automake 
produces wants to build them as a dependency of the 'all' target. This, of 
course, fails since the library isn't installed yet.

I've looked through the documentation but I haven't seen anything that 
addresses this case. Is automake able to do this?



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