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Overriding FFLAGS in a clean way ?

From: Fugitive
Subject: Overriding FFLAGS in a clean way ?
Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2008 09:42:24 -0700 (PDT)

I have a package which uses LAPACK.  Since many users don't have it
installed, or because it is compiled with another Fortran compiler than the
one that is installed on their system (and hence used as a linker) I end up
getting many questions from people.

I want to go for the solution also used in Octave: that is: detect Lapack
and detect of the Fortran is compatible with it - if NOT : compile LAPACK
from source.

PROBLEM: A few files in LAPACK require to be built without optimization
(dlmach.f).  The problem is that I cannot override FFLAGS with either
AM_FFLAGS or libname_FFLAGS since the user is supposed to be the brightest
bulb in the chandelier.

Simply overriding FFLAGS in generates warning from Automake but
it does the trick.

QUESTION: Is there another way over override FFLAGS cleanly, possibly only
forcing optimization to none while retaining the other (if any) flags
specified in FFLAGS ?

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