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Re: pre and post install targets

From: Jose-Marcio
Subject: Re: pre and post install targets
Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2008 17:27:00 +0200
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Hello Ralf,

Ralf Wildenhues wrote:
* Jose-Marcio wrote on Mon, Jul 21, 2008 at 04:46:29PM CEST:

Well, one reason I'm hesitant is that I think most such pre- or post-
actions are pretty system-dependent, more so than other tasks routinely
done in makefiles.  For example, they would often depend on the type of
GNU/Linux distribution used, rather than only the config.guess triple.
This makes it more attractive to keep them in a separate file, as you
say a small shell script, or a debian/rules entry, or a .rpm stanza or

In fact, the real reason, for me, to have another target, is to reuse some configuration values defined during "configure" run, such as prefix, all dirs (sysconfdir, datadir, sbindir, ... ). Maybe it could be interesting to create some kind of "config.vars" file, which could be invoked by another user defined script to setup all variables.
        . config.vars

But this is more related to autoconf than to automake.



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