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Re: AM Conditional for SUBDIRS

From: Vikram Ambrose
Subject: Re: AM Conditional for SUBDIRS
Date: Thu, 07 Aug 2008 16:49:58 -0400
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Monty Taylor wrote:
Vikram Ambrose wrote:
I have a problem trying to conditional include a subdir into a build
configuration or not.

I have tried two things.
SUBDIRS = pkgA pkgB

if BUILD_pkgC
  SUBDIRS += pkgC

SUBDIRS = pkgA pkgB $(extra_pkgs)

extra_pkgs =
if BUILD_pkgC
  extra_pkgs += pkgC

Both of which work, for make; make install; make clean; but when i try
to make dist or make distclean, they fail. I do a test in
to conditional set AC_CONFIG_FILES([pkgc/Makefile])

How do I do this properly?

You need to add the dir into DIST_SUBDIRS variable
Tried that, does the same thing. Since my extra pkg doesnt get included as a AC_CONFIG_FILES there is no makefile in there. And thats why make dist* doesnt work.


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