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automake flunks autoconf

From: hblarson
Subject: automake flunks autoconf
Date: Wed, 13 Aug 2008 21:39:04 +0000

Automake configure (v1.9.6 and v1.10) fail to verify version number of autoconf 
(v.2.62).  Automake exits with error message:

configure:2365: checking whether autoconf is recent enough
configure:2372: cd conftest && eval autoconf -o /dev/null error: Autoconf version 2.58 or higher is required the top level
autom4te: /usr/local/bin/m4 failed with exit status: 1
configure:2375: $? = 1
configure:2384: result: no
configure:2387: error: Autoconf 2.58 or better is required.
Is this a known issue?
Howard Larson 

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