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Re: right way to wrap/intercept submakes

From: John Richetta
Subject: Re: right way to wrap/intercept submakes
Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2008 05:23:26 -0700

I originally asked and suggested:
If I want to execute a script between a top level make invocation and a submake, it appears that the only straightforward way to do it that is likely to be portable and reliable(?) is to redefine $MAKE. If I understand correctly, the right way to do this is as follows.

Add the following to the top-level

   MAKE = ./ ${REAL_MAKE}

Apologies: that was complete nonsense (I should not be writing the list when sleep-deprived).

Given the usual issues with recursive make variable definitions, it doesn't appear to be possible to redefine $MAKE as I'd like.


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