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Kdevelop + automake problems

From: Bryan Bennetts
Subject: Kdevelop + automake problems
Date: Tue, 23 Sep 2008 14:16:21 +0100
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Hi guys,

I've been redirected to you from the KDevelop forums, as they say I should be 
asking you this question.  

I've got a problem with a source distribution of an app I've written, when the 
user runs ./configure it automatically kicks off automake cause aclocal.m4 
isn't included in my distribution.  Obviously the end user having to run 
automake isn't ideal as it appears to be tightly version controlled and if 
they don't have the correct version...

So question #1 is should aclocal.m4 be in my distribution?

If I do include the aclocal.m4, the configure *still* kicks off automake 
because of a subdirs file that is created by configure being newer than the, which the is dependant on.

So question #2 is WTF?!

Thanks for any help you can provide - if there's more info you require please 
let me know.  I can send  tarball of the app, just wasn't sure how well the 
mailing list would handle it.

Cheers, Bryan.

Kdev. forum link :,32113,32130#msg-32130

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