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Re: Bigger picture of automake variables

From: LCID Fire
Subject: Re: Bigger picture of automake variables
Date: Sun, 14 Dec 2008 19:51:07 +0100
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Ralf Wildenhues wrote:
> Elsewhere, flags like AM_LDFLAGS are denoted as global.  In that case,
> it is meant to say that, unlike program_LDFLAGS, which applies to
> 'program' only, the flags apply to all binaries created by this
> (that themselves don't have per-target flags which override
> the "global" AM_LDFLAGS).  Makes sense a bit?
IMO global is used incorrectly here because it is just per Makefile.
Global initially made me think it really is for all Makefiles.

> Variables are not transported between Makefile files the way you think.
> In the above example, the first line is redundant, and AM_CFLAGS will
> have the value of "whatever" in this Makefile.  In 'somedir', it will
> have no particular value unless you set it there.
So basically variables are not ever transported between Makefiles. AFAIU
setting a variable in provides this set of variable/value
to all Makefiles. And the variable again is NOT globally modifiable
since setting the variable in one Makefile is something another makefile
will not recognize (thus I'd say upon writing a local copy of every
variable is created).

> Hope that helps.
Thanks, helped a great deal. These concepts were not really obvious to
me when reading the documentation.

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