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C++, lex and automake

From: Юрий Пухальский
Subject: C++, lex and automake
Date: Tue, 13 Jan 2009 14:08:46 +0300

Good day!

I've a lex file with %option c++.
Being processed by lex it produces by default a file named,
while automake expects it to be lex.yy.c when constructing a line with
/bin/sh ./ylwrap engine_tcp_lex.ll lex.yy.c -- flex  -d
Setting LEX_OUTPUT_ROOT doesn't help, because it is being suffixed
with .c when constructing the ylwrap line.

Do I do something wrong?
For now the only thing i can invent is to set %option
outfile="lex.yy.c", which is... well, you understand.

Thank You in advance!

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