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blank line following trailing backslash

From: Andreas
Subject: blank line following trailing backslash
Date: Sun, 25 Jan 2009 18:42:52 +0100
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Hello everybody,

I just had an ingenious idea to limit conflicts in versioning systems.

When you specify a list of files for a rule you put every file in a line like 

    fileA.c \
    fileB.c \

now if 2 independent people add another file fileD and fileE to that list you 
have a conflict because both of them modify the line with fileC.c to add the 
necessary backslash.

This is not nice so I thought well let's add a backslash after the last file 
and add an empty line at the end. Then there's no need to modify the fileC 
line and everybody just adds a line to the list. This can be resolved. But 
automake doesn't like this at all. Even though it is clearly visible that 
this is not wrong it complains. It doesn't even warn about this it produces 
an error.

I think this is not nice. Is there a way around this problem? Can I do 
something to make all file list entries identical? Or can I tell automake to 
ignore this or only produce a warning?

Thanks a lot


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