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Re: Finding library procedures in /usr/local/lib/

From: John Calcote
Subject: Re: Finding library procedures in /usr/local/lib/
Date: Thu, 02 Apr 2009 19:27:12 -0600
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On 4/2/2009 3:45 PM, Gerald I. Evenden wrote:
After trying so many options related to libraries I am exhausted.

I have a simple program that needs to link with a shared library installed
in /usr/local/lib.

When using my own simple Makefile and simply adding "-lproject -lm" everything
works fine (libproject is the shared library).

But regardless of how many tests, etc., I do in the .ac and .am files I cannot
get the final Makefile to link with "project."

There must be a simple solution to this rediculously simple operation but the
*^%(*% manuals are forever enamored with the complex examples and give short
time to the dumb oxes as myself.

Also, whenever I put tests for the existance of the library entries in output of ./configure always shows that they are not detected.
You might also check the config.log file for failed tests that you believe should work. Each failed test is listed in full in config.log, along with the output of the compiler and linker, so you can probably easily see why the test failed.


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