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Re: Docbook pdf generation - copying png images to build directory?

From: Daniel Leidert
Subject: Re: Docbook pdf generation - copying png images to build directory?
Date: Sat, 14 Nov 2009 13:44:52 +0100

Ralf Wildenhues wrote:
> * Daniel Leidert wrote on Fri, Nov 13, 2009 at 10:19:43PM CET:
> > Clifford Yapp wrote:
> > > I have a situation where I need to copy png images from a source
> > > directory to the build directory prior to running other build rules,
> > > and I am having some trouble formulating a rule to do the job.
> > > Background:
> > 
> > Does fop do the whole job? It's possible to use xsltproc to prepare
> > the .fo file, which should then be easily processible by fop I guess.
> > xsltproc knows a --path switch. I usually use:
> > 
> > VPATH =+ $(srcdir)
> BTW, Automake sets VPATH to contain $(srcdir) if source and build tree
> are separate, so this line should not be needed (=+ is also a typo),
> if you ...
> > rule:
> >     xsltproc --path "$(VPATH)" ...
> ... just write --path "$(srcdir)" here instead.  That way, you don't
> pass "" if source and build trees coincide.

It might be that I used to add $(builddir). I found these examples in
my projects:

VPATH += $(top_builddir)/src $(top_builddir)/xsl $(top_srcdir)/xsl

VPATH += @builddir@

I will check my local copies as soon as I'm back. All I can say is,
that the above works well (also if builddir != srcdir).

Regards, Daniel
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