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automake cross compile on Linux

From: Ken Perl
Subject: automake cross compile on Linux
Date: Sun, 29 Nov 2009 14:11:11 +0800


I created a very simple with autoscan for the hello wold
program, and a very simple,

bin_PROGRAMS = hello
hello_SOURCES = hello.c

I may configure; make successfully on Linux, but when I tried to build
it for win32 crossly on Linux, I have trouble, see below steps,

./configure --build i686-pc-linux-gnu --host i586-mingw32msvc
i586-mingw32msvc-gcc  -g -O2   -o hello.exe hello.o
hello.o: In function `main':
/home/pgy/c/gtk/test/hello.c:4: undefined reference to `puts'
undefined reference to address@hidden'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [hello.exe] Error 1

$cat hello.c
#include <stdio.h>

int main(void) {
        printf("Hello GNU build system\n");
        return 0;

could anybody tell what's missing or wrong?

perl -e 'print unpack(u,"62V5N\"FME;G\!E<FQ`9VUA:6PN8V]M\"address@hidden

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