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Re: how to change $(CC) for just some targets

From: BVK Chaitanya
Subject: Re: how to change $(CC) for just some targets
Date: Tue, 8 Jun 2010 09:11:37 +0530

One way we are trying to achieve this in GRUB 2 is, by using nested
projects feature.  In grub 2 some parts needs to be compiled using
HOST_CC and others using TARGET_CC.  All sources that need TARGET_CC
are moved into a sub-directory and we a separate file for
them.  Top-level directory's uses AC_CONFIG_SUBDIRS macro
to invoke the sub-directories' configure.

I too found that subdir-objects option didn't work when a source is
shared by two files, but I could get around this by
setting DEPDIR to an unique name in every


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