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Re: call for help/crazy idea: nmake support

From: Philip Herron
Subject: Re: call for help/crazy idea: nmake support
Date: Sun, 1 Aug 2010 19:05:50 +0100

On 31 July 2010 18:26, Ralf Wildenhues <address@hidden> wrote:
> Maybe if we have contents conditional on 'make' or 'nmake' output?
> Would that even help anybody?  (no idea)
> Is there anybody willing to work on this?

This sounds amazing on one of my other projects i support a cmake
build along side my autoconf and automake for everything that isn't
windows lol. I really dislike using cmake it really is a hardcoded
build system in my eyes lol. But i think all anyone needs is automake
to output nmake, the only thing i am not sure how it would work is
would we need some kind of already hardcoded nmake for finding the
compiler etc or something or it may require autoconf work to to fill
in the gaps?

In practice with cmake does this by running cmake CMakeLists.txt in
your cmd prompt and this iterates over to find all the tools it needs
and generates the nmake file which you can open in visual studio and
run compile on or you can even run nmake in the cmd prompt too.

Problem i foresee is some kind with autoconf i am not sure if it runs
well on windows to find what you need my initial thoughts say yeah
with cygwin etc. But thats not very windows'y. But i would say most
build environments are very static on windows in that you could nearly
hard-code compiler and lib paths within the nmake but thats not in the
spirit of autoconf.

What you could have is an automake switch to generate an and
then the work could be passed to some kind autoconf .bat ouput would
be the best to generate the final nmake or somthing but it sounds like
a lot of work. But thats just my thoughts as an outsider :)


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