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Question about automake 1.11.1 licensing

From: Maupin, Chase
Subject: Question about automake 1.11.1 licensing
Date: Fri, 24 Sep 2010 08:25:21 -0500


Hopefully someone here can clarify the automake licensing for me.  I am looking 
at the sources for automake version 1.11.1 and I noticed that there appears to 
be two licenses in the sources.

At the top-level directory the COPYING file says that the license is GPLv2 and 
I do not see the "or later" version clause.

In the lib directory there is a COPYING file that says GPLv3 while the headers 
in the sources say GPLv2 or later.  Is this COPYING file an auto-generated file 
from automake itself using the "gnu" standards?

What I am trying to figure out is:

1.  What is the intended license for automake?  GPLv2 or GPLv3?
2.  If GPLv3 is there an exception intended like the autoconf exception?

Any guidance you can provide would be appreciated.

Chase Maupin 

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