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Re: Recursive targets for the user

From: Ralf Wildenhues
Subject: Re: Recursive targets for the user
Date: Thu, 7 Oct 2010 21:13:41 +0200
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Hello Stefano,

* Stefano Lattarini wrote on Wed, Oct 06, 2010 at 02:56:08AM CEST:
> On Sunday 01 August 2010, Ralf Wildenhues wrote:

> > 3) Whether to document the s/$/-am/ rule for the per-directory
> > target so it then also holds for user-provided recursive rules.
> > (If yes, then we could share the rule code text between both.)

> What about getting rid of the old `foo-am' targets altogheter,
> substituting them with `foo-local' instead, which is more natural and 
> intuitive?

The *-am naming is unfortunately used by several packages already too
(yes, they override e.g., all-am) and I'm not sure whether I want to
break that.

> Then we could let the user implement his own recursive 
> targets in a uniform fashion w.r.t. automake-generated recursive
> targets (and thus also still share the rule code text).

Not sure what you mean here.


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