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Re: Bison and automake together

From: Paulo J. Matos
Subject: Re: Bison and automake together
Date: Sat, 06 Nov 2010 15:56:18 +0000
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"Andrew W. Nosenko" <address@hidden> writes:

> Therefore, there is no need neither AC_PROG_YACC nor ylwrap.  Just
> need move them away, don't use them.  Anyway, if byacc (for example)
> will be found and cough, it won't process GLR-targeted .y source
> anyway.  Just threat bison like would be threated any another custom
> (unsupported especially by autoconf/automake) preprocessing tool.
> The same related to the classic Lex vs. Flex.

I understand your opinion, unfortunately it then means that there's no
support for Bison in C++ mode from the automake side which is
unfortunate. :-/


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