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Re: Force a file to be compiled always

From: Benjamin Bihler
Subject: Re: Force a file to be compiled always
Date: 08-Nov-2010 08:57:34 CET

Hi Ralf,

excuse me, I have sent this mail twice but in the mailing list the body
seems to be empty. I will try it a last time with another method...

>> your first suggestion (with the phony target) works great. The second
>> does not force compilation here (but that doesn't matter anymore since I
>> use the phony target now).

> Hmm, do you have a file named FORCE in source or build tree?


>> As to the third suggestion: I use the __DATE__ and __TIME__ macros in my
>> code as a kind of version information. Therefore the compilation result
>> differs with every compilation, although my source file does not change.
>> there yet a better method to store the compilation time stamp in a
>> without fiddling with make targets?

> People do this, but I don't think storing the date and the time is the
> most useful thing to do.  How about a different suggestion: store
> information generated from your version control repository?

This would probably be the nicest thing to do. We will have to think about

> Hope that, and the other comments posted, help.

Yes, very much!



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