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Re: [Vala] automake 1.11.1: unable to build vala project out-of-tree

From: Abderrahim Kitouni
Subject: Re: [Vala] automake 1.11.1: unable to build vala project out-of-tree
Date: Sun, 14 Nov 2010 19:27:48 +0100

                في ح، 07-11-2010 عند 09:12 +0300 ، كتب Andrey Borzenkov:
> > Automake assumes the .c files generated by vala are distributed with the
> > source, and this isn't true when building from git. A solution is to do
> > an in-tree build, make distclean, and re-run your out-of-tree build. The
> > problem is you have to do this dance every time a vala file changes, so
> > in practice, out-of-tree build isn't supported for development, only for
> > release tarballs.
> >
> I am afraid it does not answer my question. Yes, .c generated from
> .vala are disributed, but why automake deliberately emits code that
> cannot built .c files from .vala in *source* directory?
Because you requested an out-of-tree build, I guess. The vala build is
different enough that some assumptions in automake don't hold.

> The following crude change to final Makefile builds files in (srcdir)
> when started from build directory:
> [...]
> Do you see any immediate problem with this change? Could automake
> generate similar code by default?
While this seems a bit weird (to touch the source dir for an out-of-tree
build), if automake devs are ok I think it won't hurt :-)

> > <wishlist>
> > A possible solution is to have automake (optionally) not distribute the
> > generated .c files (so they end up in the build dir rather than the
> > source dir) and that could be used in development if out-of-tree builds
> > are needed.
> > </wishlist>
> >
> While this is nice wishlist, it is rather orthogonal to discussed problem :)
As I see it, if automake can generate a makefile that compiles the vala
code in the build dir, it would solve your build failure as well :-)


P.S. I don't know automake that well, I'm just a vala fanboy trying to
help :-)

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