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install to top_builddir

From: Reuben Hawkins
Subject: install to top_builddir
Date: Mon, 4 Apr 2011 20:51:52 -0700

Hi automake,

In my build process, I need to have all the libraries copied to
$(top_builddir)/lib and all the bins to $(top_builddir)/bin and headers,
etc...  Is there some de facto standard what to do this with automake?  This
source tree is somewhat deeply nested (if that makes any difference).

What I have now at the end of each of my's (which isn't doing
exactly what I want, but before I put more effort into it, I thought I'd ask
here) is...

        $(MAKE) install DESTDIR="$(abs_builddir)/$(top_builddir)"

all: am-all publish

Thanks in advance,

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