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Re: Sub-make environment

From: Too, Justin A.
Subject: Re: Sub-make environment
Date: Sat, 16 Apr 2011 09:30:16 -0700
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On 4/16/11 3:55 AM, "Ralf Wildenhues" <address@hidden> wrote:

>Hello Justin,
>* Too, Justin A. wrote on Fri, Apr 15, 2011 at 11:54:47PM CEST:
>> I'm trying to communicate environment variables to a sub-make.
>The answer to this question is most similar to the answer to a recent
>question of yours:

Hi Ralf,

You're right, it is similar, but I was hoping for a way to simply set the
environment for only the invocation of my test-driver script.  As Stefano
noted, having a wrapper as is my current solution may be the best way to
accomplish my exact goals.

(Sorry, I do realize this was somewhat a double-posting)

Thanks for the help,

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