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Re: Automake mingw cross compile problems

From: Stefano Lattarini
Subject: Re: Automake mingw cross compile problems
Date: Fri, 13 May 2011 22:03:15 +0200
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On Sunday 08 May 2011, Erik de wrote:
> Hi all,
Hi Eric, sorry for the delay.

> I all I have a rather large that used to work for both
> native compiles on linux and cross compiles from linux to windows.
> This suddenly stopped working with automake 1.11.1 from debian.
Which compiler(s) are you using exactly?  Which version(s)?  More
importantly, which version of libtool are you using?  Have you changed
that too recently?

> The relevant parts of the are:
>     AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS = subdir-objects
>     noinst_PROGRAMS = test_main$(EXEEXT) G72x/g72x_test$(EXEEXT)
>     noinst_LTLIBRARIES =  GSM610/
>     G72x_g72x_test_SOURCES = G72x/g72x_test.c
>     G72x_g72x_test_LDADD = G72x/
>     check : $(noinst_PROGRAMS)
>       G72x/g72x_test$(EXEEXT) all
>       ./test_main$(EXEEXT)
Two small pieces of advice:

 1. When declaring PROGRAMS, you don't need to add the `$(EXEEXT)'
    suffix explicitly to them: automake will automatically do that
    for you; for more info, see:

 2. When declaring stuff used by the testsuite and that should build
    by "make check", you can typically use the `check_' prefix, e.g.:
      check_PROGRAMS = test_main G72x/g72x_test
      check_LTLIBRARIES = GSM610/
    If you do that, you won't need to declare the dependency of `check'
    from $(noinst_PROGRAMS).

> The problem is that the test programs don't get built. Or rather
> something gets built and put in the G72x/.libs directory, but there
> is nothing in the G72x/ directory for the generated Makefile to run.
And then you add in a follow-up mail:
> Just as an addendum to this bug report, the G72x/.libs/ directory
> also contains a file named g72x_test_ltshwrapper. This file is a
> bash script, but is not executable.
> However, running it as:
>   bash G72x/.libs/g72x_test_ltshwrapper
> results in the error:
>    G72x/.libs/g72x_test_ltshwrapper: error:
>    `/home/erik/test/src/G72x/.libs/.libs/g72x_test.exe' does not exist
> suggesting that the script was actually meant for one directory
> above where it ended up.

I'm not able to reproduce your problem with either my native GCC or my
Linux->MinGW cross compiler (kindly offered by official Debian packages).
And reading the above, I suspect it *might* be a libtool bug.

Could you please provide your libtool and compiler versions, the `'
file installed by libtoolize, the `' generated by automake, the
`config.log' generated by configure, the relevant output of configure and
make, and the list of files generated in `G72x/.libs' (and everything else
you think could be useful)?


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