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Re: fortran 77 header dependencies

From: Fabrício Zimmerer Murta
Subject: Re: fortran 77 header dependencies
Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2011 16:41:19 -0300

"I certainly don't have the cycles, but I wish I could inspire someone to write a Fortran dependency analysis module for Automake!"

I've just started a fortran 90 project and I mean to have the GNU build system on it. There were two major problems I encountered: - Must make manual rules. I generated the rules with dependency tracking using a '' I found somewhere (I can link/paste it here if anyone has trouble finding it on the internet) and made the needed adaptations for it to work on a (seemingly it worked! hehe) - Although all code files as .F90 (preprocessed fortran 90) and .h (header files), autotools require me to determine the 'c' compiler on (AC_PROG_CC).

I found a discussion about a good soul who was willing to build such support but, it seems excessive rules for the code to be accepted shoved him off the game. Not sure tough.

I can say I will be an addictive tester of such a functionality shall it ever come up. It is not something too complex as a 251-lines-big file is enough to create the dependency rules.

Another thing I tried as an attempt for that dependency tracking was to add on the plugin macros AX_F90_MODULE_FLAG and AX_F90_MODULE_EXTENSION. They did nothing as far as I could see. As it looked easier to make it with manual rules, I ended up this way. Maybe I missed anything but, if there is no support for f77, I assumed it were not working on f90 as well.

- fabricio
-----Original Message----- From: Jeff Squyres
Sent: Wednesday, July 13, 2011 3:06 PM
To: Dave Goodell
Cc: Nick Bowler ; address@hidden
Subject: Re: fortran 77 header dependencies

On Jul 13, 2011, at 1:50 PM, Dave Goodell wrote:

Your correction of Jeff's solution made me realize that my "version 3" solution is wrong. It expresses a foo-->bar.h dependency instead of foo.o-->bar.h dependency. Your approach is what I was looking for. Unfortunately this solution gets even uglier looking if foo has any per-target flags such as "foo_FFLAGS=-I.".

Agreed. Most of my fortran includes are in different directories, making the manual Makefile rules lengthy / ugly / complicated.

I.e., perfect for generation in .deps/.  :-)

I certainly don't have the cycles, but I wish I could inspire someone to write a Fortran dependency analysis module for Automake!

Jeff Squyres
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