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From: Dave Hart
Subject: Automake mailing list archive is a dead-end
Date: Wed, 27 Jul 2011 23:39:23 +0000

The 3rd hit on:

is RedHat's:

This is a dead-end, though, as it has nearly no recent messages
archived, and those I could find were all Western Union phishing
attempts.  I see at that only
automake-cvs@ and automake-prs@ mailing lists are now hosted by
RedHat.  It would be spiffy if the dead-end page would
redirect or point to the real archive at  If it has older archives
not present at, it would be nice if the responsible
party would shut down the ongoing archiving of the Western Union
stuff, and possibly trim the index to only show such older, legitimate

Prefixing "GNU " to the query gets more useful results, but hey, my
fingers are lazy.  I welcome correction if my facts are confused.  I'm
certainly unclear on the differences between and

Dave Hart

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