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Re: unoconv listener in an automake file?

From: Ben Pfaff
Subject: Re: unoconv listener in an automake file?
Date: Sun, 14 Aug 2011 12:01:10 -0700
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Paul Elliott <address@hidden> writes:

> unoconv is a program that converts openoffice any other documents to 
> different 
> formats. Its man page says it can use a listener: Example:
>> unoconv --listener &
>> unoconv -f pdf some-document.odt
>> unoconv -f doc other-document.odt
>> unoconv -f jpg some-image.png
>> unoconv -f xsl some-spreadsheet.csv
>> kill -15 %-
> If the kill is left off, the listener continues even after the make completes
> and  if debuild has started the make, it will hang untill someone kills the 
> listener. ps -f shows that the listener has made the  ppid=1 after the make 
> completes.
> unoconv man page says that you can omit creating a listener in which case 
> unoconv will create its own. I have never gotten this to work, and it will 
> still have the problem of killing the listener afterwards.

It sounds (from this message and from other replies) that this is
not really trivial.  So, I would write a separate shell script
that does everything needed properly and invoke that from the
Makefile.  It's much easier, in my opinion, to write nontrivial
bits of shell in separate scripts than to try to maintain them
inside a Makefile.
Ben Pfaff

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