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Re: ifdef ... endif issue

From: Stefano Lattarini
Subject: Re: ifdef ... endif issue
Date: Thu, 18 Aug 2011 19:24:45 +0200
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Hi Daniel.

On Thursday 18 August 2011, Daniel Neuberger wrote:
> >> I don't think you can do what you're trying to achieve.  AFAIK the
> >> if .. endif syntax used by automake is for conditionals only (see:
> >>
> >> Conditionals.html) and there is nothing such as "ifdef".
> >
> > ifdef...endif is GNU make syntax. I found some old mail now, that tells
> > me, that automake doesn't accept that syntax, although it doesn't need
> > to process it. The ifdef...endif syntax would be interpreted by GNU
> > make. Of course
> > my example probably would need to be interpreted by automake too,
> > because WIN32_EXTRA_LDFLAGS is set, before it gets extended. But to know
> > that, automake would need to understand this syntax.
> >
> > However, what I wanted to do is not possible atm, so I restored the old
> > Makefile code.
> Just found this old thread,
Do you have a link to that thread, by chance?  I think I can point out
other workarounds, but before doing so I want to be sure they are
appropriate to the issue under discussions.

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