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Re: [RFC] Releasing automake 1.11.2

From: Stefano Lattarini
Subject: Re: [RFC] Releasing automake 1.11.2
Date: Tue, 1 Nov 2011 11:57:50 +0100
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Hi Peter.

On Sunday 30 October 2011, Peter Rosin wrote:
> [SNIP]
> Sorry for the confusion, but the latest commit from the msvc branch
> currently merged into master is 38846c5f, which was apparently merged
> via the tests-init branch. That was right before the recent round of
> AM_PROG_AR commits. And 38846c5f is just a few "obvious" changes
> after a change to the compile script, so it is a sensible point to
> merge into maint should it not be desirable to merge msvc wholesale.
> (However, from my POV, I think it is indeed desirable to just merge
> msvc into maint/branch-1.11 before the release. Of course.)
I mostly agree that we should just merge msvc into branch-1.11 before
the release (then we should "freeze" that branch but for bug-fixes,
and start doing lots of tests).

*BUT*, I don't like the idea that a "mere" bug-fixing version will
introduce new warnings enabled by `-Wall' and fatal under `-Werror'
(even if I've already agreed that doing so for 1.12 is perfectly
fine -- a statement that I'm not recanting!).

Here is waht we should do IMHO:

  1. Merge latest maint into msvc and master.

  2. Merge msvc into master.

  2. Create a new public branch `msvc-for-1.11', based off of

  3. Commit a change in this new branch, ensuring that either:
      [3a] the `extra-portability' warnings are *not* fatal, even
           with `Werror'; or that:
      [3b] the `extra-portability' warnings are *not* enabled by
     And we should also tweak the NEWS file accordingly (but not
     the docuemntation IMHO).
     This change is *not* to be merged into either master or msvc,

  4. Merge `msvc-for-1.11' into `branch-1.11'.

  5. Test test test ...

Opinions, objections?


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