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Re: Could automake-generated Makefiles required GNU make?

From: Bob Friesenhahn
Subject: Re: Could automake-generated Makefiles required GNU make?
Date: Thu, 24 Nov 2011 10:40:40 -0600 (CST)
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On Thu, 24 Nov 2011, Peter Rosin wrote:

There is one possibly hard bootstrapping problem. What if you want to
deploy some package that does not need a C compiler on some system that
lacks both a C compiler and GNU Make? You would have problems there for
sure. Some number-crunching fortran-centric piece comes to mind, or some
locked down financial system where a cobol compiler or something is
present, but no C compiler.

Is it possible to run baseline Autoconf configure without a working C compiler? Automake depends on Autoconf.

Regardless, I do agree that building GNU Make from source introduces a requirement for a working C compiler.

Bob Friesenhahn
GraphicsMagick Maintainer,

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