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Still help needed at creating

From: Stefan
Subject: Still help needed at creating
Date: Sat, 26 Nov 2011 20:05:38 +0100

I send this Email already yesterday, but did not get it by myself via the list, 
so I think something failed...

Hello again,

a couple of days ago I already had a more than similar question, but somehow I 
managed to go on without help, in the end… now the problems are a bit bigger: 
make distcheck is failing.

What I'm trying to do, is put my whole thesis (LaTeX) under autoconf/ automate 
control for several reasons. At the moment I'm stuck with plots. In the end, 
for the plot directory, all plots should be in the final archive plus the 
scripts and data to generate them. Those plots a produced by R and need 1 data 
file each. The plots themselves should only be rebuilt, if anything in the 
script or the data changes. Everything lives in an own subdirectory of my 
thesis directory.

What fails is, that on make distcheck it looks like the scripts are not 
produced. If I do a make before, everything works.

Here is my current


ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS = -I share/misc/m4

SUFFIXES = .R .pdf

noinst_PLOTS = \
        sample_distris.pdf \
        center.pdf     \
        1A.pdf     \
noinst_DATA = center.histo 1A.histo center_1A.histo
noinst_R = sample_distris.R center.R 1A.R center_1A
 noinst_SCRIPTS += sample_distris center 1A center_1A

CLEANFILES = $(noinst_SCRIPTS) $(noinst_PLOTS)

EXTRA_DIST = $(noinst_PLOTS) $(noinst_DATA) $(noinst_R)

do_subst = sed \
 -e 's,address@hidden@],$(CRB_RSCRIPT),g' \
 -e 's,address@hidden@],Generated from address@hidden; do not edit by hand.,g'

        rm -f $@ address@hidden
        $(do_subst) $(srcdir)/address@hidden >address@hidden
        chmod +x address@hidden
        chmod a-w address@hidden
        mv -f address@hidden $@


all-local: $(noinst_PLOTS)

Is there anybody able to help me? Not having a proper make distcheck is 
freaking my out a bit, right now.



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